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Friday, December 3, 2010

TWO Pink Scotch ATG Adhesive Dispensers GIVEAWAY!

3M has given me TWO PINK SCOTCH ATG adhesive dispensers to give away!

I am SO EXCITED about this giveaway!! As many of you know, this is my most favorite adhesive tool ever and I have been using one since 2005! I continually recommend this product to people as I believe in it whole-heartedly and don't know how I could craft without it!

Let me tell you why this will revolutionize the way you paper craft:

1) This tape dispenser NEVER jams and the tape NEVER breaks. Have you ever bought some of those disposable adhesives and before you know it, the tape breaks or jams and you can't fix it? So irritating! That will not happen with this device and this tape!

2) The 3M/Scotch adhesive comes in rolls that are 36 YARDS long (108 feet) - not 36 feet, like most adhesives! Not only that, the cost per roll is VERY affordable. Currently, at Michaels and Joanns, you can get a two pack for around $10, before you use a coupon. You can't beat that!

3) This adhesive STICKS! No more problems having your project fall apart. Have you ever gone back to layouts and found that all the pieces and parts are falling off? This will never happen with the Scotch adhesive!

4) Size of the ATG dispenser means you will never lose it on your desk. Some people worry that the size is too big. It will take some getting used to BUT once you start using it, you will love it. Perhaps your desk gets a bit messy when you are crafting (mine looks like a train wreck). You will always be able to spot your cute pink ATG amongst all your scraps!

I have TWO Pink ATG adhesive dispensers to give away! Each one also comes with a two pack of adhesive (acid free/photo safe).


How can you win?

1) Leave a comment telling me about your favorite adhesive! Be sure and leave an identifying name (joywholovescats, for example) so it's easy to identify you!

2) Follow me or subscribe to this blog!

Want more chances to win?

1) For five more chances, create a post about this release and contest and link back here to me. Put that info in a comment to me below.
2) For five more chances, create a post on facebook and link back here to me. Put that info in a comment to me below.
3) For five more chances, twitter about this and send me a link. Put that info in a comment to me below.

You can combine everything into one comment with all you did. Don't feel any pressure to do the extras - it's just for fun!

That's it!

Winners announced next Wednesday, December 8, 2010. Winners have two weeks to claim their prize.

What if I can't wait for the giveaway and need one RIGHT NOW? Head straight over to Michaels and Joanns and pick one up. They are very reasonable (MSRP around $40) and combined with a coupon, are a fantastic buy!

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