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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bird nest on our deck - May 2012

We learned that we had a nest above our light fixture by the deck. I got up on a chair and took a peak in. 2 little baby birds! So we kept an eye out for the mama bird. We were like paparazzi taking pictures and looking at the birds every chance we could. A few days later there was a windstorm which blew the nest a bit off the edge of the light fixture. I went in to the garage and got some work gloves on (knowing that I didn't want my human smell to deter the mama bird from returning to her nest). I safely moved the nest onto the ledge of our deck and mama bird returned. We watched as mama bird got worms from our yard and fed her babies. As the days went on they were growing, feathers included. Sadly though, one day Aiden rushed to tell me the nest was on the ground. I went out onto the deck to find the nest empty and feathers everywhere. My initial reaction was that we missed seeing them take flight, but then realized they had probably been attacked by something. Here are some pictures to chronicle our sightings.

Our Butterfly Adventure 2012

We had the Butterfly Habitat and ordered our caterpillars from Ribbots Galore a couple of months ago. -----------
Well....Aiden kept asking me EVERYDAY when his caterpillars were coming. He was so excited to see them. Well, we all were. So they soon arrived and we placed them in the habitat as soon as they went into their chrysalis: ------------ Definition of CHRYSALIS a) pupa of a butterfly; broadly : an insect pupa b) : the enclosing case or covering of a pupa ------------- Within a couple of weeks the adult butterfly came out and flew around the habitat until we set them free.