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Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 2010---- OMG, I can't believe my last post was in April

Wow...It seems like just yesterday I wrote my last post...things get crazy.......I guess facebook is like posting a blog....I need a way for my facebook status' to attach it onto my blog.

So, Pat finished the kitchen and it's amazing!!!!!!!! Just in time for my birthday! It was great visiting with my family.....Mom and Dave were in from Florida....celebrated Grandpa's 85th birthday.

Kids are having a great time at their new daycare. I didn't get to blog about the drama at the time. Daycare put up a note on a Wednesday saying they were closing indefinately that Friday. CRISIS!!!! We can't afford $400/week at the big box I ran searches on the State Certified At Home Daycares and off I went on a day and 1/2 venture to find a new daycare for my kids...had to find a place that could take both kids...wanting to make sure it wasn't a "drop your kids off and they'll watch tv and play all day". Aiden has been doing so well as his school...learning so much in his pre-school room. You would have thought I was a contestant in a Find a new daycare reality show....I can't even tell you the countless houses I interviewed at. Talk about first in the end I went with a really cute place Creative Preschool at a woman's's her and her mom...they have been state certified and doing this for several years. There basement has been converted to their daycare/school room. I really think Maya is learning even faster because they take care of a 3 mo old up to 4 yrs olds..there are about 8-9 kids. Aiden is already fast making friends....such the social butterfly like his mom.

We again have been busy with going to sporting events in Rochester...Family birthday parties, family walks outside...etc.

My biggest accomplishment was building a garden of veggies and fruits last weekend. I wouldn't have been able to do it without my friend Lydia. She is a GREAT influence on my life to live a healthier more environmentally conscious lifestyle. We planted blueberries, raspberries, squash, green and red peppers, halepano (sp?) peppers, basil, and tomato plants!!! I can't wait to see results. I was so excited to include Aiden in the process of helping remove the dirt, see the bugs, and plant the seeds. I really want to stress the importance of fruits and veggies since Daddy doesn't eat veggies.

That's about it for now...back to work...need to make enough commission to pay daycare..that's my thought process anyway.

Bye for now.