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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring-----playdates, birthday parties, family time, life.....

Starting yet another busy day at my sales job where I try to balance life as a working mom and wife. I've caught up on emails, facebook, and prepared for my sales appointments. It's been a busy couple of weeks. Aiden's friends are all turning 3 and having birthday parties. It's a great time of year to take the kids for walks around the neighborhood; they love riding the ride on toys. Tonight I'm going to the beach with some mom friends and their kids so we can let the kids play on the playground and get dinner. Another friend is on a very exciting journey to adopt their 2nd child in Columbia! Another friend is balancing life as a single working mom buying a new beautiful home but overwhelmed with putting her house on the market. My wonderful husband continues to slave over the kitchen remodel. My parents and grandparents will arrive in the next couple of weeks from Florida! We'll celebrate Grandpa's 85th birthday, my birthday, my nephews birthday, my SILs birthday, Mothers Day, and just life in general.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring has arrived -- time for playing outside

We went to dinner as a family and found a playground along the way. Maya had fun crawling around and trying to keep up with Aiden. She was on the swings while he went down the slide.